Architecture has no beginning and no end. This timelessness and the never-ending process both fascinate and inspire us.

From commissioning a project, through understanding the site, clarifying needs, creative formulation of ideas and solutions, constant management of functional and spatial relations and tireless organisation of costs, deadlines and processes, we work in a dedicated team with flat hierarchies, as a network and in dialogue with everybody involved in the project.

Each individual has a different way of working. This is something that we nurture, and we bring together the different expert skills and knowledge to successfully move the project forward.  We feel equally at home on the construction sites as we do in the office, and we consistently and loyally coordinate people and tasks every day.

Interpretation of old, existing building structures matters as much to us as talented implementation of new solutions, discipline in using modern tools and materials, and managing the timescales required for a project.  Our architectonic style is characterised by subtle lines and sustainable innovation. The emphasis is on simplicity, and restraint and naturalness come to the fore. Our young generation are working on shifting the focus more onto comfortable ‘user-experience architecture’.We bring out the unique character of every project and do not follow any formal, predefined ideas of style. In this respect, we see ourselves as paving the way for architecture with individual resonance that, above all, shows the identity of the site and of the client and their brief. We are all about the quality of the idea, materials and details, and therefore the consistency of our creativity and the precision of the process. We are ultimately concerned with what is reflected at the end of the project.